Privacy Policy

1. Secret Escorts acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals.

2. We advise that some information you provide to us, either via our website, e-mail, fax, phone or mail, is ‘personal information’, So, Be fare with us

3. Secret Escorts seeks to comply with the Privacy. In this endeavour, we undertake to provide information to existing and potential clients about how personal information is collected, stored and utilised, as follows: Personal information is collected for the express purpose of executing the booking of your work and for proper administration of the financial transactions.

4. The intended recipient of the information you supply Secret Escorts, will use it to execute your work, as per your instructions. From time to time, service providers engaged by the Group, for example, software specialists upgrading the databases, may have access to this information, under supervision.

5. The provision of information is voluntary, however, if not provided, may inhibit us from executing your transactions with maximum efficiency.

6. Permission to collect, store and use personal information is explicitly sought from individuals and organisations who approach Secret Escorts in regard to having work done.

7. Personal information will be collected from you directly when you fill out and/or submit a booking request.

8. Information will be collected by our dedicated Secret Escorts Account Managers in order to execute your work.Your personal information may be used in connection with:

The execution of your work

The execution of any other transaction you ask Secret Escorts to complete on your behalf

Any insurance claim or proposal that requires disclosure of your personal or sensitive information

Any information we may provide you in relation to new services offered by Secret Escorts.

The Secret Escorts web site contains links to other sites. Secret Escorts make no representations or warranties as to the privacy practices of any site operated by a third party and are not responsible for the privacy policies of such sites.

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